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Battery Operated FLAMELESS Candles - Canada
Where to buy Battery Operated Candles in Canada: View our store list | US Customers click here
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Real Wax. Real Ambiance. Real SAFE
For Retailers
Sell realistic Battery Operated Candles in your store.
Most popular!
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The most Economical Candles for Hotels, Spas, Restaurants & Events.
Flickers Like a Real Candle!

You Are Welcome To View Our Complete Product Assortment Below:

Pillar Candles
Classic style Battery Operated Candles.
Real wax,
Real SAFE!
Decor Candles
Variety of Designs, Colours and Scents.
Battery operated Candles last forever!
Wall Sconces
Elegant wall sconces with FLAMELESS Candles.
No Wiring! simply hang everywhere!

Outdoor Fixtures
Wind will not turn it off! No Wiring - Outdoor Battery Operated Candles.
Holidays Decor
Battery operated holiday Candles.
REAL scent, REAL Flickering, REAL holiday decor!
Kandles for
Kids TM
Flameless Candles.
Electric Candles
for kids,
Real SAFE, no open flame!

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